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Wood has several lives

Wood is too good to be burned – recycling and maximum usage are the main aspects of INDO. All INDO wall coverings are manually produced in a finely tuned production process. Thus each panel is a unique object. This present of nature is produced with the brand INDO in a way, that human and nature in balance enable another existence for the natural product wood. With the new collection for decorative wall coverings we direct our attention towards the versatility and ecologically responsible use of the natural product wood.

The programme Teak FSC® recycled is very special. For the production of the decorative wall coverings Teak FSC® recycled materials (beam, doors, floorings etc., thus wood which is up to 200 years old) are used for a new purpose. So here the third life of wood starts.

TEAK ELEGANCE For the programme Teak Elegance the other part of the teak tree, which grows in plantations, is used for the production of the decorative wall covering Teak Elegance, as it’s not suitable for floorings, doors, windows or furniture.

TEAK CLASSIC & CUBES The complete use of the teak tree is in the focus of the programme Teak Classic & Cubes. Here mainly the root is used with its characteristic shape and grain to create the Teak Classic & Cubes wall coverings.

DRIFTWOOD “Hevea Brasiliensis”, known as rubber tree in our regions, grows in plantations and is only cut when it has already served for 25-35 years in its main function with draining the natural product rubber. Then most of the wood is used for the production of furniture and flooring. The thereby accruing small pieces are used for the production of the decorative wall covering Driftwood.

SLIMWOOD The Slimwood collection is characterized by its bright, friendly colors. Slimwood is made from the wood of the rubber tree. This wood is considered particularly solid and high quality - just the thing for the interior. 

BEACHWOOD Beachwood is special because of smooth surfaces and variety of colors. This collection (BWW00N and BWW01GS) is made of walnut or Hevea wood – this wood is known for its beauty and luxury. With Beachwood, you can bring beauty and luxury into your room. The rest of the collection is made of rubber tree wood in high quality workmanship

DIAMONDWOOD This collection visually stands out from other collections. Diamondwood is made of the root of the teak tree – the strongest part of the tree. Respectively, this wall covering is very solid and resistant.

AXEWOOD FSC® The wall coverings of the Axewood FSC® collection are made of bangkirai wood and have unique dark and calming colors. This type of wood is characterized by its deep color. Using this collection brings peace and balance in every room.

The Lifestyle of Nature

The careful use of our resources, the fulfilment of our living dreams in design and interior architecture - with INDO BARNWALL FSC we have a product at our disposal which enables us to design our walls in harmony with nature. Whether in the dining room, living room or bedroom, whether in the private or commercial sector, whether only a part of the wall or floor to ceiling, INDO BARNWALL FSC beautifies your rooms. Created from nature, for the sake of the environment.

Please bear in mind that we give nature its free rein. Due to the W-PAP Patina process for the aging process, large differences in the natural colouring cannot be excluded and therefore no reason for complaint.

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